Each day’s talks are on demand for a 24-hour period

DAY 01

  • The desperate solution one mother discovered to save her daughter’s life. She was given 6 months to live because modern medicine couldn’t heal her condition.
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT question most doctors never ask before they prescribe toxic and damaging meds to their patients. And how you can direct your care better.
  • The alarming study exposing the hidden gluten in “gluten free” foods.
  • The 5 symptoms most doctors are taught to look for when diagnosing celiac… and how those symptoms miss 98% of all true gluten sensitivity diagnosis.
  • How to control the conversation with your doctor around gluten sensitivity so you can accurately discover if your symptoms are gluten related.
  • And more!
  • 6% of the population suffers from THIS manifestation of gluten yet only 1% are diagnosed.
  • 8 common diseases scientifically linked to gluten sensitivity and intolerance.
  • 31+ common symptoms your body may experience before Major disease sets in.
  • Understand the buildup of gluten in your body and how it manifests itself into symptoms and diseases years down the road… and what you can do about it NOW!
  • What major neurological disorder was once called “Bread Madness”. PLUS 3 additional brain disorders linked with gluten sensitivity.
  • And much, much more.

DAY 02

  • How to know if you are gluten sensitive.
  • The hidden dangers of the domino effect when it comes to improper testing and recognition of gluten sensitivity.
  • How most doctors only test for specific indicators, but they’re missing these 7 important markers in the standard blood test.
  • The astonishing clinical and scientific evidence on what happens when a patient goes gluten free.
  • The exact gene science has traced to gluten sensitivity and how you can determine if you have this gene. (Hint: a 23andMe genetic test won’t give you this information.)
  • The 2019 published study that shows 42.2% of participants with celiac disease had persistent symptoms following THIS traditional doctor recommended diet..
  • 9 “common sense” reasons why traditional medical-model-approved gluten free diets FAIL. One of them is the reason most gluten free diets make your symptoms WORSE!
  • An opioid-like withdrawal? Discover how your diet may be as addictive as some prescription medication.
  • Can your economic status increase your risk for celiac? This study from 2008 thinks so and the discovery is NOT what you’d expect.
  • The pseudo compassion that’s become the third leading cause of death… and what you need to know to protect yourself from this major medical error.

DAY 03

  • 6 Rules to remember when you walk around the grocery store.
  • 8 common terms marketers use to “rebrand” the packaged goods they’re selling you.
  • The not-so-secret tip to reading those little stickers on your produce. (Hint: The first number it starts with tells you if it’s organic, genetically modified, or not.)
  • How to clean out your refrigerator and pantry (a step-by-step method) to eliminate gluten-heavy foods and make way for your new gluten free foods.
  • The “Bathroom Sink” method to keeping a gluten free kitchen when some in your family don’t have gluten sensitivity.
  • How to have the gluten conversation with your family and friends. We give you actionable advice on what to say to people who love and care for you.
  • The “Death of Common Sense” problem and why we’ve fallen into a victim mentality.
  • Are we over drugged? Discover the average number of prescriptions for each man, woman, and child in America.
  • Would you spend $20,000 dollars on your health? If you do common practice you will. Even if you can’t afford it.
  • Do you feel lucky? If you do this one thing you don’t need to rely on luck when it comes to your health and wellness.
  • 7 easy to follow strategies to help you plan your success. Most people forget about number 5.
  • The one body feeling you NEED to feel in order for your body to function properly. (Hint: most Americans never truly experience this feeling.)

DAY 04

  •  “nutrients” that are CRITICAL to your health and wellness.
  • A comprehensive understanding of nutritional deficiencies and what disease symptoms they cause.
  • 1 in 10 women diagnosed with gluten sensitivity has deficiencies in at least 6 major nutrients. And 1 in 10 men with gluten sensitivity show deficiencies in at least 5 major nutrient.
  • Can 73 studies be wrong? A 2019 review of published studies show 40% of traditional gluten free dieters are deficient in these two nutrients.
  • How to break down the drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. And how to have the conversation with your doctor.
  • The number one vitamin to take immediately after being glutened to dramatically reduce the damage the gluten may cause.
  • Definitive, research-backed studies that answer the question “should I supplement” when eating a gluten free diet. Uncover 9+ research studies from major medical publications that help answer this question.
  • Discover the 6 food groups that mimic gluten in your body.
  • The breadcrumb paradox and how this seemingly small size can wreak havoc on your body.
  • 5 grains with enough gluten content to trigger an immune response, yet NOT considered gluten by the government’s definition. (Note: 3 of them contain more total gluten proteins than rye – a known “gluten” component.)
  • Nearly 50% of those with celiac disease also react to THIS specific protein found in nearly all American refrigerators.
  • Love your daily coffee? If you have one of these 7 issues you may want to consider a different morning drink.
  • The hyphal-wall reaction that mimics gluten and is a precursor to many with celiac disease.

DAY 05

  • The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology states there are more than 100 forms of this rapidly growing disease and each one is based on gluten sensitivity.
  • Discover the #1 cause of death for women under the age of 65.
  • The DC-LDM model and what you need to know about it if you want to reclaim your health.
  • Prescriptions in your water? Discover one study performed by the City of Houston, TX that reveals some shocking answers.
  • Uncover the secrets behind the Y + G + CSP = PE equation that determines your ultimate health and wellbeing.
  • 93% higher risk of cancer? The Nation Cancer Institute says if you’re exposed to THIS specific additive you may be at a significantly higher risk!
  • Are your prescriptions putting you at higher risk for other more debilitating and deadly diseases? This well known medical journal study shows the correlation between medication and secondary diseases.
  • The SECRET killer. Discover the surprising link between inflammation and heart attacks, cancer, alzheimers, and other diseases AND what you can do to fight it.
  • 10 factors included in GRAIN designed to destroy the average person’s health. Only one of these is gluten. And only 3 of them are regulated by the government… unfortunately not in your favor.!
  • How the grainflammation cycle increases pain and prescription dependence and what you can do about it.
  • Are you feeding your child arsenic? If your baby food has this common ingredient you may be.
  • We help expose the seeds of deception. The pesticide industry and government coverup on GMOs in the food you eat every day.
  • How to SABOTAGE your recovery from gluten damage and other toxins. And how to avoid a 92% failure rate.

92% of Gluten Free Diets FAIL! Discover How YOU Can Beat Those Pitiful Odds.

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